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Box Office Report – Weekend of 4/16 – ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Is Number One Again

By @HolcronJosh for @FilmCodex

Godzilla vs. Kong’ has topped the domestic and international box office once again this weekend. After surpassing expectations with pandemic high totals so far, the latest in the monsterverse franchise took in another $7.7 million domestically, taking its total to $80.5 million. This is an impressive total given rising COVID-19 cases amidst a global pandemic.

Worldwide, the film has accumulated $390 million worldwide. According to Deadline, the film is poised to make a profit, a rarity in the pandemic movie market. Although no numbers have officially been released, the film has certainly brought subscribers to HBO Max, adding to the total brought in through theaters. Warner Bros. are certainly happy.

Elsewhere, Nobody came second once again with $2.52 million to a total of $19.05 million. The film was recently released on VOD, which has brought in more money for the Bob Odenkirk project. Rounding out the top 5 domestically are, once again, The Unholy, Raya and the Last Dragon, and Tom and Jerry.

Mortal Kombat will release next weekend and is expected to see good box office returns. More theaters are open now than ever since the start of the pandemic, a fact that could see the latest Warner Bros./HBO Max release rake in a large amount of money.

Stay tuned to Film Codex for our review of Mortal Kombat next week, along with next week’s box office report!

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