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REVIEW: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 7 – “Dangerous Debt”

By @holocronGeorge for @sw_holocron

The final season of The Clone Wars continued this week with the third installment of Ahsoka’s arc with the Martez sisters, a fun, yet inconsequential episode of the show. This episode picks up where the last episode left off, with Ahsoka and the Martez sisters being captured by the Pyke Syndicate for botching a delivery of spice and trying to escape from the clutches of the Pykes before it’s too late.

This episode emphasizes a more overarching issue with The Clone Wars overall at times pertaining to length of episode arcs. For instance, the Bad Batch arc that kicked this season off was entertaining and full of great character moments and plot points, but probably could have been reduced from 4 episodes to 3 episodes. Not only would this make the storytelling more concise, but it would also remove unnecessary moments or scenes that add very little to the characters and narrative. The current arc that “Dangerous Debt” is situated in suffers from a similar issue in that this is a 4 episode arc that could probably be reduced to 3 episodes still containing complex themes, interesting characters, and unique plot lines. And, while “Gone with a Trace” and “Deal No Deal” both serve solid purposes in reintroducing us to Ahsoka and setting the stage for the entire arc respectively, “Dangerous Debt” suffers from circular storytelling that finds the characters ending up in the exact place they started. This doesn’t mean the episode isn’t fun to watch, beautifully animated, expertly voice acted, and includes some great moments (all of which are true). However, the journey the characters go on this story does not progress their individual or collective arcs in a substantial way that makes the fact that they begin and end up in a Pyke prison reasonable. Some may compare this to the Canto Bight arc in The Last Jedi, in which Finn and Rose’s mission to disable hyperspace tracking fails. I would argue that Finn and Rose evolve as characters during this time, while the journey itself is entertaining and ties in nicely with the overarching themes of the film about failure. “Dangerous Debt,” conversely, doesn’t offer the same journey that justifies the ends.

That being said, this episode is still a really enjoyable 25 minutes of Star Wars content. Removing the aforementioned issues with this episode’s narrative importance, following Ahsoka and the Martez sisters’ adventures running spice is interesting to see. From a broader perspective, these episodes have added a lot to Ahsoka’s character beyond her time in the Jedi Order. We’re seeing that her values of helpfulness and kindness are not solely due to the fact that she was raised and trained by Jedi, but, rather, that Ahsoka is an intrinsically good person whose values stand independent of her teachers and influences. This is best exemplified by the fact that Ahsoka is present on this mission to begin with. Ahsoka became attached to Trace and believed that her new friend would be in danger if she blindly followed her sister on a spice run. Now, Ahsoka is paying the consequences of such attachment (something the Jedi would probably have disapproved of), but that doesn’t stop her unrelenting dedication to doing the right thing.

The continued dynamic between Ahsoka and Rafa was a highlight of this episode, especially given the reveal that the Martez’ parents were killed as a result of the Jedi’s actions. It’s nice to see The Clone Wars play around further with the idea of accountability as this war not only has obvious galaxy wide, political implications, but also impacts individuals and families. The MCU has explored accountability with the aftermath of the destruction of Sovokia in Captain America: Civil War, as has the DCEU with the aftermath of the destruction of Metropolis in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. To see similar themes explored in The Clone Wars, in which the actions of our heroes, while well intentioned and for the greater good, carry heavy consequences. This reveal provided even more reason behind Ahsoka’s continued concealment of her identity as a former Jedi, setting the stage for the likely confession in next week’s episode. And, to top it all off, Rafa implied that it was none other than Luminara Unduli who tried to console the sisters after the death of their parents. This was really intelligent writing as Luminara has a hardened, almost emotionally distant reputation in The Clone Wars, which obviously did not help in consoling two young girls who just lost their parents to the very war Luminara and her kind are fighting.

Ultimately, however, the real appeal of this episode came in the few brief moments that teased the upcoming siege of Mandalore. Not only did we get a reintroduction to Bo-Katan Kryze, but an unexpected appearance from Ursa Wren, Sabine’s mother who appeared in Star Wars Rebels. It’s obvious that the final episode arc is the most eagerly anticipated part of this final season among Star Wars fans and to see some of the seeds planted to weave Ahsoka into that plot is really exciting. And, especially after the events of Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian season one, any and all Star Wars set in, around, or about Mandalore are going to be eagerly anticipated by many. In that sense, the fact that this episode included hints at what is to come regarding Mandalore and how Ahsoka will become involved in the conflict is definitely a highlight.

In all, while “Dangerous Debt” had some entertaining and thoughtful sequences, it emphasized the extent to which this arc should probably be condensed into three episodes. It did provide some intriguing insight into the Martez sisters’ resentment of the Jedi and the accountability the Jedi must have for their actions, in addition to teasing the Mandalore arc that will conclude this season. This arc overall has been hit and miss so far, with last week’s episode being far superior over the first episode. I expect next week’s conclusion to this arc will tie things together nicely and set the stage for what’s to come in Ahsoka’s future.

Score: 6/10

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6 Characters Who Could Get Their Own Disney+ Show

By HolocronWilliam and @HolocronJosh for @sw_holocron

It’s an exciting time for Star Wars fans as Disney+ offers an entirely new platform to explore interesting stories and characters in the saga. Given the rumors of several Star Wars shows on Disney+ and the streaming service finally releasing in other countries recently, we thought this would be a good time to think about characters we’d love to see front and center of a new TV show on the streaming service. 

1. Han Solo

2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story showed fans the origins of everyone’s favorite scoundrel, including his first encounter with Chewbacca and how he got into a life of smuggling and crime. The film ended on a cliffhanger, with the two likely going to Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, something that would be amazing for fans to see fully realized in a long story telling format like a TV show. A Solo sequel could also tie up the Han and Qi’ra relationship, with the two now seemingly on opposite sides of the conflict after the events of the film. Moreover, the opportunity to see Han interact with Donald Glover’s Lando again is one that Lucasfilm and Disney may not be able to pass up. The opportunity to see more stories featuring Han leading up to his encounter with Ben Kenobi and Luke in A New Hope would be great to see and a Disney+ show may be the format to actualize these stories, as opposed to another theatrically released film.

2. Sheev Palpatine

Palpatine has plagued the Skywalker’s in 9 movies, even the ones that he doesn’t appear in. His work in the shadows to corrupt Ben Solo and restart his evil regime in the form of the First Order further cemented his position as the main villain of the entire franchise. However, his life prior to The Phantom Menace in canon is largely unknown in many respects. In a potential Disney+ show, the audience could see how Palpatine fell to the dark side, along with his training under Darth Plageuis and some of the political machinations he was involved in on Naboo prior to the start of the Skywalker saga. For years, George Lucas toyed with the idea of a Palpatine prequel show, so it makes sense if they decide to revisit this idea. 

3. Ahsoka Tano

Given the rumors that Ahsoka Tano will appear in The Mandalorian, a live action show starring Ahsoka is now the subject of heavy fan and trade report speculation. After the events of Star Wars Rebels, there’s a lot of story potential with a Disney+ show following this fan favorite character into the era between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. The plot could center around the former Jedi looking for Ezra Bridger, whose fate is unknown after the finale of Rebels. And could feature a number of other fan favorite characters relevant to Ahsoka’s continued journey. The plot could also be entirely new from the mind of Dave Filoni who, in all likelihood, would be involved in an Ahsoka show in some substantial capacity. 

4. Lando Calrissian

While a Han Solo prequel show is possible, as is one that focuses solely on Lando Calrissian. Donald Glover’s performance as Lando was praised by critics and fans alike after the release of Solo, with some claiming his role in the film was its highlight. Since then, many, including Kathleen Kennedy herself, have suggested that Glover be given a center stage role in his own project. There’s an array of stories a Lando story could cover, including him collaborating with Han to go up against Crimson Dawn, the evil group led by Maul in Solo, or a new enemy entirely. He does also briefly mention his relationship with his mother in Solo, so exploring more of his past and how this led up to his role in Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back could be something very interesting to explore. 

5. Zorii Bliss

Arguably the most exciting new addition in The Rise of Skywalker, Zorii Bliss is yet another character who could lead her own TV show. The adventures of a spice runner on Kijimi, along with the fan favorite Babu Frik, is an idea that many have suggested in the past few months. Plus, Star Wars fans have always been interested in the criminal underworld of the galaxy. This show could easily be set prior to the events of The Rise of Skywalker, potentially featuring an appearance by a young Poe Dameron. However, it would also be interesting to see what the galaxy would look like post Episode IX, particularly from the eyes of a shady character like Bliss.

6. Luke Skywalker

This one’s a long shot, but you never know with Star Wars. Luke Skywalker was the character that kicked everything off in a galaxy far, far away, with the Original Trilogy detailing his journey from farmboy to Jedi Knight. The next time we see Luke in live-action, besides the flashback to the fall of his Jedi temple, is 32 years later in The Force Awakens, meaning that a long period of time passed in between, one we haven’t yet seen much of in live action. Projects like Battlefront II, Shattered Empire and The Rise of Kylo Ren have delved deeper into the character’s journey during this 3 decade time gap, but there’s still ample opportunity to explore more of what Luke was up to at this time. The prospect of seeing Luke Skywalker, after the events of Return of the Jedi, setting up his Jedi Temple and restarting the Jedi would not only be amazing to see, but would also potentially set the stage for his relationship with Ben Solo/Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. Who wouldn’t want to see a young Ben Solo appear again? Given the deaging technology available now and the usage of prior footage incorporated into the flashback of Luke in The Rise of Skywalker, it’s not implausible to suggest a mini series featuring the famous Skywalker could debut on Disney+ at some point.

These are just some suggestions for characters we think could get and deserve a Disney+ show. So far, we have The Mandalorian, Cassian Andor, and Obi-Wan, but it’s unlikely Lucasfilm and Disney will stop there. The Star Wars saga is vast and it’s great that there’s another platform now, beyond theatrically released films, comics, books, video games, etc., to provide more insight into beloved characters, locations, stories and more.

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